O5 – Musical Theory and Composition: the final recital

Nine composition students participating into this course (three from Milan, six from Vilnius) wrote their pieces, uploading them to the platform in four successive drafts.
The students were followed by their respective teachers and also used the platform tool to be able to ask “technical” questions to Prof. Hao Tan (RDAM)

Four pieces were then selected by the teachers for the performance during a concert of the PULSAR Festival (Copenhagen, 10.03.2020).

Watch some excerpts in the video below.

O7 – Mastering Vocal Repertoire in Foreign Languages

As announced by the Coordinator, Professor Christen Teglbjaerg, the online blended course “Mastering Vocal Literature in Foreign Languages” has now been launched, and will continue until March 6 2020, ending up  with a concert at the Milan  G. Verdi Conservatory of Music.

The course represents one of the seven intellectual outputs within the INTERMUSIC project and includes 15 participating students, 5 from each of the three partner Music Academies, CONSMI, LMTA and RDAM.

After the self-learning stage on the INTERMUSIC plaform, students are now interacting with the teachers of the three academies, Prof. Eva Hess Thaysen (Royal Danish Academy), Prof. Algirdas Janutas (Lithuanian Academy) and Prof. Stelia Doz (Milan G.Verdi Conservatoire). One-to-one online classes have taken place in a three-days intensive session (12, 13 and 14 February).

The residential session will take place in Milan at the G. Verdi Conservatoire, where teachers and students will meet in a five-days live work session.

Watch below a clip from an online session.

O6 – Chamber Music blended-course: final session in Vilnius


After the distance classes between teachers and students from Copenaghen, Milan and Vilnius, the Chamber Music blended course, one of the main outputs of the INTERMUSIC project, is reaching its acme with the final residential course in Vilnius.

From 17 to 21 February 2020 teachers and students will meet together at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre for an intensive work session that will culminate in a final concert which will be also broadcasted  real time to the Milan Conservatoire.

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Streaming live of the concert:

INTERMUSIC PLATFORM TRAINING SESSION Milan, G.Verdi Conservatoire, January 14-18, 2019

This training session led by Mantautas Krukaskas and  Roberto Becerra, was fully focused on Moodle.  The purpose of this second training course, that took place in January 2018 at CONSMI,  was to enable teachers, researchers and technicians of POLIMI, CONSMI, RDAM and LMTA involved in the development of the INTERMUSIC online platform  to an autonomous user level.


INTERMUSIC training session Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 2017 11 27 – 2017 12 01 Vilnius, Lithuania

The first training course included in the project took place from November 27th to December 1st 2017 at LMTA in Vilnius and was a prerequisite for the development of the Distance Learning Platform. During these five days of activity, experts from LMS MOODLE in Vilnius presented the potential of MOODLE to teachers and technicians of PoLiMI, ConsMI, RDAM and LMTA, involved in the use and implementation of the platform. It was also an opportunity to consolidate the synergies between the partners and to clarify the objectives, times, requirements and methods of implementation of the platform.