O3 – First Research Outcomes

With the big improvement of digital communication networks, Networked Music Performances (NMP) received a great interest from music live performance and music recording industry. The positive impact of NMP in pedagogical applications, instead, has been only preliminary explored. Within the InterMUSIC project, we aim to investigate NMP from a pedagogical perspective, that has considerable differences with respect to music performances, and to develop tools to improve distance learning experiences. In this paper, we introduce a conceptual framework designed to be the foundation for all the experiments conducted in the project. We also present two preliminary experiments that investigate the sense of presence of geographically-distant musicians in a distance learning scenario. We discuss the comments provided by the musicians as a set of requirements and guidelines for future experiments.

The working groups on Output 2 and 3 have so far produced the following contributions:

  • L. Comanducci, M. Buccoli, M. Zanoni, A. Sarti, S. Delle Monache, G. Cospito, E. Pietrocola, and F. Berbenni. Investigating networked music performances in pedagogical scenarios for the intermusic project

Published In Proceedings of the 23rd Conference of Open Innovations Association (FRUCT), pages 119–127. IEEE, 2018.

  • S. Delle Monache, M. Buccoli, L. Comanducci, A. Sarti, G. Cospito, E. Pietrocola, and F. Berbenni. Time is not on my side: network latency, presence and performance in remote music interaction.

Published in F. Fontana and A. Gulli, editors, Machine sounds, Sound machines Proceedings  of the XXI CIM Colloquium on Music Informatics, pages 152–159, November 2018.

  • Delle Monache, S., Comanducci, L., Buccoli, M., Zanoni, M., Sarti, A., Pietrocola, E., Berbenni, F. & Cospito, G. (2019). A Presence-and Performance-Driven Framework to Investigate Interactive Networked Music Learning Scenarios. Publ. in Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 2019.