Composition with Chinese Instruments: first session

Such an inspiring event! On October 9th 2019 the first online session of the Composition with Chinese Instruments course took place, within the frame of the INTERMusic project.

Through a tri-point connection, students from Milan Conservatory and Vilnius Academy have met a group of traditional Chinese instruments players, from the Confucius Institute at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen: a great all-women team, with their teacher, Prof. Tuan Hao Tan.
During a two hours lesson, the performers have introduced the instruments (pipa, guzheng, yangqin, guqin, zhongruan, erhu), showing some technical possibilities; then they have given a first reading of the drafts uploaded by the composers on the INTERMusic platform, discussing with them regarding further developments, correcting the unavoidables mistakes, answering the questions,…
It was a very exciting experience!
We are looking forward to the second online session, when the ideas of the composers will start to take shape through the hands of those awesome players.
“Keep going, going on” (L. Berio, Sinfonia)
Paolo Rimoldi

AEC Annual Congress – Turin


The G. Verdi Conservatoire of Turin is hosting in a few weeks (7-9 November 2019)  the 46th AEC Annual Congress and General Assembly  “Re-imagining Success?” AEC – Strengthening Music in Society.

After one year from the first presentation of INTERMUSIC at the AEC Congress in Graz, the first project outcomes will be now introduced, followed by a discussion between the panel of Rectors of the Music HEIs involved and the audience on “The Digital Higher Music Education Institution”.



Intermusic presented at the AEC International Relations Coordinators Meeting in Prague

Intermusic introduced to International Relations Coordinators during the annual AEC IRC meeting,

This multiplier event, in addition to those foreseen in the application, was organized as part of the annual meeting of the International Relations Coordinators of the Institutes associated with AEC, which took place in Prague from 19 to 22 September 2019.

The project management team in agreement with AEC, considered it useful to add this event to reach a very important audience. In fact, International Relations Coordinators always have a strategic role in cooperation and dissemination within their own Institutes. The presentation of INTERMUSIC, therefore, was specifically designed both to provide a cross-section of the project with the first results of the research (OUTPUT 2 and 3) and the blended courses, among which the Mastering Voice Literature Course in Original was extensively illustrated, and to encourage discussion on organizational and administrative issues within the management of a project whose complexity is given by the involvement of differentiated partners and by the fullness of intellectual outputs.

Therefore, topics such as the choice of partnership, the organizational model adopted, communication strategies, risk management and the maintenance of a high quality standard in cooperation were addressed.

The presentation of INTERMUSIC occupied one of the six parallel sessions of the Conference on 21 September, with a good participation.

The satisfaction questionnaire distributed at the end showed an average evaluation between 4 and 5 on a scale from 1 to 5 where 5 represents the maximum value.

There were also several requests for more information on the project by the participants.



INTERMUSIC PLATFORM TRAINING SESSION Milan, G.Verdi Conservatoire, January 14-18, 2019

This training session led by Mantautas Krukaskas and  Roberto Becerra, was fully focused on Moodle.  The purpose of this second training course, that took place in January 2018 at CONSMI,  was to enable teachers, researchers and technicians of POLIMI, CONSMI, RDAM and LMTA involved in the development of the INTERMUSIC online platform  to an autonomous user level.


INTERMUSIC training session Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 2017 11 27 – 2017 12 01 Vilnius, Lithuania

The first training course included in the project took place from November 27th to December 1st 2017 at LMTA in Vilnius and was a prerequisite for the development of the Distance Learning Platform. During these five days of activity, experts from LMS MOODLE in Vilnius presented the potential of MOODLE to teachers and technicians of PoLiMI, ConsMI, RDAM and LMTA, involved in the use and implementation of the platform. It was also an opportunity to consolidate the synergies between the partners and to clarify the objectives, times, requirements and methods of implementation of the platform.


Meeting 6 in Vilnius

The meeting 6 took place at LMTA in Vilnius on 27-28 May 2019. The aim of the meeting was to reach a perfect tuning with the platform implementation, expecially with regards to the blended pilot courses working groups. On the second day all groups provided a feedback on their discussions in the plenary session.