O5 – Composition for Chinese Traditional Instruments – Second online session

Further steps on our “special Silk Road”: on 4th November, the second online session of the INTERMusic program (Composition Output) was held, through the three-point connection Copenhagen-Milan-Vilnius.

As previously written, during this session the pieces of the selected Composition students from “G. Verdi” Conservatory of Milan and LMTA in Vilnius started to take shape under the skilled hands of the musicians of the Confucius Institute at the RDAM in Copenhagen.

A three-hours full immersion took place, during which the nine pieces of the composers (now half completed) have been rehearsed, once again discussing problems and technical solutions, and imagining possible developments.

It was a challenging session for both the composers and the performers: for the former, who are called to deal with little-known instruments and performing technics; for the latter, called to enter in a different musical culture and to face sometimes very demanding passages.

We are now looking forward for the next step, when the pieces will be completed and two of them will be selected for the performance at the Pulsar Festival, on 10th March 2020, in Copenhagen.

“Stay hungry, stay fool”

Paolo Rimoldi