Melbourne Conference May 2020

We’re particularly proud to announce that INTERMUSIC¬† will be presented at the Forum 1 in the



hosted by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne.

The EU project INTERMUSIC (Interactive Environment for Music Learning and Practising, 2017-20) “What we learned, what we produced, where we are heading to”

The European project INTERMUSIC aims to develop digital skills in the field of music higher education, by 1) implementing an online shared platform for the distance learning dedicated to performing practices, theoretical and compositional courses; 2) designing specialised music training pathways that integrate lessons from different European music institutions, with sustainable development over time; 3) understanding the most demanding aspects of remote music interaction and communication in the context of chamber music, instrumental and vocal practice.
The workshop will feature the project’s highlights, along with concrete experiences of blended learning, collected after three years of collaborations among the five partners, Music Conservatoire of Milano, Politecnico of Milano, LMTA in Vilnius, RDAM in Copenhagen, and AEC in Brussels.

More info here.